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Chivalry 2 has all sorts of medieval weapons to use against enemies but none like the oil pot that could well be a weapon of mass destruction.

The oil pot is an ability that can only be used sporadically by the Crusader and Devastator, which are subclasses of the Knight and Vanguard, respectively. Displayed on the left side of the screen is the player’s class ability. It has a circle around it acting as a progress bar. To charge up the ability, players will need to engage in fights. By killing or damaging enemies and healing allies, the circle fills up. Once it is completely full, players can activate their ability.

How To Use Oil Pot
It’s the starting special ability for the Vanguard, but you’ll need to unlock the Crusader subclass to equip the oil pot on the Knight. It can be equipped via the loadout menu, accessible by tapping L on keyboard, or by entering the Change Class menu in the Escape/Start menu.

To use an oil pot, you must first charge it up. You can charge the ability by damaging or killing enemies and healing teammates. You can keep an eye on the progression circle on the bottom-left of the screen. Once that circle is full, your oil pot will be ready for use.

If the player is using one of the classes that has the oil pot ability, then activating it equips the oil pot in one hand. They will still have their chosen secondary weapon in their other hand, so it’s still possible to attack and defend. The player can then press the throw button to launch the oil pot. A fiery area of effect is left behind when it lands and lasts for a few seconds. Anyone caught in the area suffers burn damage. It functions in a similar manner to a grenade in other games, but with a lasting fire effect.

Chivalry 2 is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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